Fast Cash Advance Payday Loan Lenders Perform No Credit Checks

A fast cash advance payday loan is the ideal way to borrow money with bad credit as there are no credit checks at any stage of the application process. Payday loan lenders offer a short term cash loan for up to a month or until the customer is paid. It is possible to borrow up to $1,000 for any purpose, including fixing the car in order to get to work, paying for a cheap foreign holiday in the sales or even getting some emergency dental work done.

Fast Cash Advance Payday Loan Eligibility Criteria

The overwhelming majority of applicants for quick cash advance loans have an adverse credit history. If payday loan lenders used a credit scoring process to determine eligibility, they’d have to reject the bulk of their customers. Instead, lenders are looking for applicant’s who can prove their identity and can afford the monthly repayments. In order to receive approval for a short term cash loan, it’s necessary to be a U.S. citizen, be at least 18-years old and have a full-time job. It is also necessary to have a valid checking account and to provide at least 2 forms of identification.

How No Credit Check Finance Works

Provided that the above eligibility criteria have been met, a guaranteed cash loan will be approved within a few minutes. The customer subsequently provides the payday loan lender with a postdated check for the principal and any interest that will accrue. For verification purposes, the money needs to be sent directly to the customer’s checking account and cannot be provided in cash. If an instant cash payday loan is applied for prior to 2.30 PM, it will reach the customer’s account on the same day. Should the application be made later in the day, it will arrive the next working day at the latest.

The Cost of Guaranteed Cash Loans

Payday loan lenders offer bad credit unsecured loans to people who have been rejected by the banking sector. As there are no credit checks and the default rate is high, the cost of a fast cash advance loan is very high. A $1,000 quick cash advance accrues $250 of interest in just 30-days. It is vitally important that the customer considers how this debt will be repaid the next month or a short term cash loan could actually exacerbate financial difficulties. A guaranteed cash loan should only be seen as a way of bridging a financial shortfall for a few weeks. It is not suitable for performing debt consolidation, but there are other options.

Alternatives to Instant Cash Payday Loans

The leading alternative to a payday cash advance is a guaranteed short term loan from a pawn shop. It involves putting up collateral, such as gold,silver or jewellery, in order to secure the loan. This is a popular loan for unemployed people because there are no employment or income checks. It is important to appreciate that failing to repay the debt punctually will lead to the sale of any collateral. The advantage of this are that there are no credit checks and subsequent interest and charges aren’t an issue.

Building Credit and a Better Life

We all know that building and maintaining good credit can make or break us when it comes to making some of the bigger decisions in life. Buying a car, a house, an RV, or even things as simple as renting a home and having a checking account are heavily impacted by that special number between 450 and 850. Credit can be a tough thing to build, but an exceedingly easy thing to destroy. Before I worked for a bank, I, like many people, knew only that credit was important, but not how to manage it. School certainly didn’t teach me, and when aked about a credit card, my parents simply responded “Don’t”. So, in the hopes of creating a more educated consumer, here are some insider tips on what really counts toward managing your credit, from someone who deals with this business every day. First, some basics.

*Make Payments On Time
Whether you are payin your electricity bill or making credit card payments, do it at least a few days before the deadline. Every time a payment on anything comes in late, it can negatively affect your credit. It might help to mark a calender with due dates after receiving billing statements, or ask your bank about setting up automatic billpay to make things totally foolproof. One thing that helps me is to have a separate checking account that budget all of my bill money into. This way, everything is set aside and I know exactly what is left for me to spend in my regular account.

*Don’t Get Too Close to Your Limit
The closer you get to maxing out a card, the more chance it is going to negatively affect your credit.

*Don’t Let Items in Collections Fester
If you screw up and end up with an item in collections, make it priority one to get that taken care of. Some lenders will still be able to work with you on a low credit score, but items in collections can put the cabash on the whole thing.

Also, here are some things I have found that most people don’t know:

*Don’t Pay Your Whole Balance at Once
It sounds like a good idea, but what creditors really want to see is that you can responsibly make payments over a period of time. Yes, this might cost you some in interest, but down the road a better credit score will help get you lower interest rates and save money.

*Don’t Close Credit Cards if You Can Possibly Help It
Every time you close a credit account, it dings your credit score. Keep accounts open until you are confident your score is solid.

*If You Get Turned Down, Wait Awhile to Reapply
Multiple consecutive inquiries on your credit shave points off your credit, too. If you got turned down once, you probably aren’t qualified for that type of product. Wait awhile, follow the rest of these recommendations, and try again.

Good credit is important, and so is knowing how to get and maintain it. With some attention to detail and careful money management, good credit is within reach.