Breakdown Insurance for Travel

A good breakdown insurance policy is one thing you want to be sure to pack when going on vacation. Taking a motor tour through Europe can be both educational and fun. It is a great way to teach some hands-on history to your youngsters. If you are single, it is wonderful to visit the museums, ruins and historical landmarks by day and to take in some shows by night. What is not wonderful is having car trouble in an area where you either do not speak the language at all or you speak it only well enough to order lunch and ask directions to the bathroom.

Communication First

Mechanic is a language all on its own. It is filled with wonderful terms like “lug nut,” “spark plug,” or “differential joint.” It is a language that can be pretty daunting even if everyone is speaking the same base language. If you don’t know the difference between a transmission and a timing chain, then one of the best sounds in the world is the calm voice of your breakdown insurance agent speaking to you in your native language.

Don’t Miss Out on the Fun

Even with a good insurance policy, some vehicle repairs can take time. If you have to wait for a part, they can take even more time. In fact, they can take so much time that your whole vacation is ruined. That doesn’t have to happen to you. With the right breakdown insurance, you can count on a hotel for the night, and even supplemental transportation if you are booked for an event or a meeting. You can even continue on your tour while your vehicle is getting repaired. With a good policy, especially one that works with your vehicle’s warranty, your vacation will survive major automobile repairs and still allow you to have fun and get home safely.

If You Must Go Home and Your Car Isn’t Ready to Travel

For a vehicle with hard-to-find parts or one that breaks down in a remote area, you might have to move on before the local mechanic can get your car put back together again. Sometimes, your visa might run out, or you might be due back at your job in your home location. No one wants to abandon an investment as big as an automobile. Your breakdown insurance people can oversee your automobile repairs and get your vehicle back home to you once it is in running condition again. That includes getting it through any customs or security checkpoints.

Garden Variety Roadside Assistance

When traveling in a vehicle that is in good repair, you can still have the occasional on-the-road mechanical difficulty. You might run out of gas, have a flat tire, the battery could run down or the alternator can go out. If you park in the open at an event, rodents might eat the plastic parts such as spark plug wires. If you are driving an electric car, you might misjudge the distance you can travel or you could drive through an area that is without a charging station. For these common, garden variety breakdowns, your European roadside assistance agent can often have you back on the road quickly without any fuss.

Pack Your Policy

Talk with your breakdown insurance agent as you plan your travel itinerary. Regulations for insurance policies and availability of service can vary from one area to another. Remember to pack a copy of your breakdown insurance policy as well as your regular accident policy. They are always good things to have with you when you travel. They might not solve every problem you have, but they can certainly help with a lot of things.